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Equity for Students in Policy and Action.
  • Finding out what students need.

  • Making the best decision possible based on funding.

  • Utilizing school and divisional plans and resources to inform decision making.

Value and Respect for the Work of all Divisional Staff
  • Ensuring the board understand the role and responsibilities of all staff members in the division.

  • Aligning policies and actions to support staff and students in their work.

  • Continuing to fund relevant and meaningful professional learning for all.

Supporting the Multi-Year Strategic Plan 
  • Providing consistency for students and families.

  • Including the focus and discussion of the strategic plan in each board meeting.

  • Allocating resources in a way that supports sustainability for the strategic plan.

  • Support the plan by using board communication strategies.

Support Programming Providing Rich and Varied Experiences for Students
  • Ensuring our volunteer coaches have the support and education necessary to work with our students.

  • Encouraging and capitalizing on the expertise of school librarians in each school.

  • Providing adequate funding to allow all students to benefit from programming in physical education, fine arts, practical arts and libraries.

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